6 of the Strangest Festivals in the World

When you go on an Algarve extravagance holiday, at any time there’s a decent chance that you will get the chance to encounter one of the many festivals that make the region famous. The general population who live in the Algarve love to party, so look at one of these six festivals next time you are in the area.


  1. Festival of the Smoked Sausage


This festival is held in Querença in January and consists of an inquisitive blend of religious and pagan celebration. The main event is the auction of smoked sausages with a specific end goal to raise money for charity, in homage to São Luís, the patron saint of animals. You’ll find parts more rural food to experiment with at the festival, which makes a great diversion on an Algarve extravagance holiday. Bring a calorie and protein counter if you’re weight conscious. 


  1. Algarve International Music Festival


This lofty music festival consists of a combination of songs, music and dance, and is held from May to July consistently in the Algarve. Extravagance holidaymakers, families and any other kinds of travelers are spoiled for decision with the range of music and acts on offer, from ballet to dance and opera to jazz.

  1. Mardi Gras


Mardi Gras normally takes place in February, and like some other prominent places on the planet, it’s enormous in the Algarve. Extravagance loving tourists can find carnivals popping up all finished the place in towns and villages across the region, convenient to their lodgings and villas. Arguably the best Mardi Gras celebrations are held at Loulé, yet check locally when you arrive to find out what’s going on.


  1. Liberation Day


Liberation Day is hung on April 25th consistently to mark the finish of dictatorship in Portugal, following the revolution in 1974 when Antonio Salazar was overthrown. It is a national holiday and consists of loads of musical celebrations and firecrackers and is one to look at on your Algarve extravagance holiday itinerary.


  1. Sardine Festival


This is a world-famous festival that’s held in Portimão in August consistently and is one you’ll definitely want to visit during your Algarve extravagance holiday. Dates vary each year, so look at them when you arrive. It consists of thousands of newly caught sardines being flame-broiled along with loads of other tasty food, and you can eat as many as you want along with a lot of red wine and bunches of music, celebrations and firecrackers.


  1. Seafood Festival


Similar to the sardine festival, the Seafood Festival is held in Olhão, the biggest fishing port in the Algarve, and you’ll have the capacity to attempt each kind of seafood you can imagine. There’s dancing, society music, firecrackers and, obviously, a lot of seafood! The festival attracts about 60,000 visitors each year.


When you visit the Algarve, extravagance and relaxation are what you are looking for, and there’s a lot of that on offer. In any case, you should make it your aim to visit one of the various festivals that are held in the Algarve consistently. The above six give you a snapshot of some of the best, however, there are parts more held consistently.